It's moving time...

So I was finally talked into trying out wordpress. So I'm not going to delete this blog yet...I just will not be updating it either. Here's the web addy for my new one: http://stormiekim.wordpress.com/ . Who knows maybe I'll come back to blogger :-)


How Exciting!!!

Totally found it!!! YAY! See, I told you it was possible! Check it out:

It's exactly what we need, I sort of wish it had a few more shelves in the center of the console table, but beggers can't be choosey. Oh how I love Target.com! I would have put the link here...but blogger is being stupid and had me thinking I didn't remember how to do it but thankfully Mim proved to me that I wasn't insane this morning.

And she finally has picked out her tv, we gauged (size wise, definitely not price wise) them at Best Buy and have come to the conclusion nothing smaller than 42" because I'm blind and can't see it. Lol, we make the best excuses.

Unfortunately I don't have much time to write, I have a deadline on the 28th with the IRS. Ick.

Much Love,


Well then..Hump Day Thoughts

So, I was reading my local newspaper this morning to see they have finally released the list of those who were busted on Valentine's Day in this major drug sweep in our county. I'm not sure what upsets me more, the fact that these people are poluting our streets with that filth or the fact that I know quite a few of them...and I'm not surprised.

We still haven't found what we need (furniture wise) for the living room. And it's starting to seriously bum me out. I have the picture of it in my mind, I just can't find it. And I'm hard headed, so she can't talk me into anything else. We're going to look at a few other places today after work maybe we'll get lucky and agree on something.

Because of the intense winds we've been having, a section of the siding on the house has raised up again. Normally this wouldn't upset me, things happen. However my stepfather aka my landlord had "fixed" it a long while ago. Apparently not good enough. And we're still waiting on the light in T's room to be fixed, the porch light to be fixed, the lawn being seeded, the roof on the building to be fixed, the mower's choke to be fixed, the mulch..etc etc. The list could go on and on. I'm going to hurt him. :-)

I thought my cat was dead yesterday. I've had her for 16 or so years...so it wouldn't have surprised me. She had burrowed under T's covers on her bed and at first I couldn't find her but when I did realize where she was, I poked at her a few times. Nothing. I poked her again. Nothing. At this point I was getting upset so I just ripped the covers off the bed and she sat up and looked at me like I'd lost my mind.

I guess I should get to work, so much to do so little time to do it.

Much Love,



So I decided that after yesterday this Cube News was perfect!! It's called Office Pushers! Take a gander.

I mean REALLY? I couldn't care less if your kid needs money to go to some band camp thing in Washington, it has nothing to do with me and have you forgotten how much LESS I make than you? Like I can afford to buy things from everyone just to be nice. And I seriously do NOT want to buy 15 boxes of cookies or oranges just because you didn't make quota. So chill out. If I wanted something, I would get it. Don't come to my cube and try to sway me into buying anything!! Ugh. I swear to you guys, there was an actual check list of people in my department passed around with a booklet to make sure we saw this pie thing that someone wanted us to buy for his kid's band camp. A CHECK LIST!!! And then there are those $1 candy bar people, I mean really? Do I honestly look like I NEED a candy bar? No, I don't. So get out of my face with the chocolate. It's hard enough trying to eat right without it pressed up against my face and being told how great a deal it is.
I had 4 people come to me yesterday about stuff like this, isn't that a bit excessive?I thought we had rules that would save people like myself. I have enough things to do aside from trying not to ruffle your feathers because I don't want your flipping candy/oranges/cookies/wrapping paper!

Am I the only one out there like this? Hmm...maybe I'm just bitter from having to do it as a kid, haha.

Have a great day!

Much Love,



Before I begin my post for the day I would like to share a few pics from this weekend. I went to the Raven with a few friends to see Permalee. I do not recall if they were good or not if that gives you any indication how my night went. :-)

Yeah exactly. There are a bunch of other pics but I didn't feel like posting all of them, you'll have to check out my myspace for them. (Yes, I had a DD...that pic of the very obvious drunken look was in my car with me in the passenger seat...no I don't remember that one either)

What's sad is that I never drink, so it really didn't take me long to get smashed and stay that way. I only drink when I know T or my friend Megan are going to be there. They're the only ones who can keep me in line. Lol.

Have you ever noticed that whenever you are trying to do something nice for someone there is always that one damn person who can make you feel like what you're doing is insignificant? Well in my case there's two. And both happen to be mothers. Yes, please groan with me. I really can't go into detail what I'm talking about at this point. But seriously, if this crap blows up in my face...I will lose it. Especially after all the crap I have had to do, strings I have pulled...etc etc. Either way, if you were included in my mass email I sent out in reference to a certain subject and it offended you. Pardon me, it was not my intention.
Although I must say, this project of mine has really had a great start! And I'm beginning to get excited.

Hopefully T will be receiving her settlement check soon so we can get the house moved around. And a new tv also sweetens that deal. :-D

Everyone have a great day!

Much Love,