So I decided that after yesterday this Cube News was perfect!! It's called Office Pushers! Take a gander.

I mean REALLY? I couldn't care less if your kid needs money to go to some band camp thing in Washington, it has nothing to do with me and have you forgotten how much LESS I make than you? Like I can afford to buy things from everyone just to be nice. And I seriously do NOT want to buy 15 boxes of cookies or oranges just because you didn't make quota. So chill out. If I wanted something, I would get it. Don't come to my cube and try to sway me into buying anything!! Ugh. I swear to you guys, there was an actual check list of people in my department passed around with a booklet to make sure we saw this pie thing that someone wanted us to buy for his kid's band camp. A CHECK LIST!!! And then there are those $1 candy bar people, I mean really? Do I honestly look like I NEED a candy bar? No, I don't. So get out of my face with the chocolate. It's hard enough trying to eat right without it pressed up against my face and being told how great a deal it is.
I had 4 people come to me yesterday about stuff like this, isn't that a bit excessive?I thought we had rules that would save people like myself. I have enough things to do aside from trying not to ruffle your feathers because I don't want your flipping candy/oranges/cookies/wrapping paper!

Am I the only one out there like this? Hmm...maybe I'm just bitter from having to do it as a kid, haha.

Have a great day!

Much Love,

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Miriam said...

It's that time of year. If it helps I will never let my children do that crap.